First we gather Blueprints/CAD drawings of your building, and put it into our software to begin planning. Having this allows us to completely customise a solution for your property.

Bringing our testing equipment to your property, we take readings of the signal strength and begin to build a heat map. We also test RF Spectrum, and wall attenuation to give a full overview of how wireless reacts in your building. This process let’s us know exactly how much equipment is needed for proper coverage and capacity for your property.  NO MORE GUESSING!

After we have completed our survey, we can provide you with a full site report showing you exactly what’s required to meet your business criteria. Plus, your walls don’t change, so when your next upgrade comes around it’s quick and simple for us to use the first report to show you exactly what is needed for the upgrade.

This pre-survey gives us the facts needed to design your Long-Term wireless network. To see and example case study click HERE

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