Great WiFi starts with great network designs

The demand for WiFi in any environment is huge, and network designs need to be able to handle the traffic. Let us provide you with professionally designed Heat Maps and accurate Bill of Materials to give you the upper hand over the competition.

More than great coverage

It’s not just about coverage anymore. We have to ensure there is less congestion on your network and we can design your network with proper specs before you buy equipment.

image of a crowded space representing the need for best wifi systems for hotels

A huge factor to a successful WiFi solution is the WLAN design. WiFi is not like Ethernet, you can’t simply plug more AP’s in, in fact, in many cases, this can have a detrimental effect to WLAN.

Did you know that vendor products have very different RF signatures? This means that your coverage and capacity is going to differ based on what WLAN vendor you choose. Our reports give you a complete BOM and location of each AP so you don’t have to guess.

small hotel wifi access point similar in size to a pack of playing cards

Why Liveport is the best place for WiFi Site Surveys.

White Labelled Reports

White labelled reports give you the opportunity to stand out from your competitors


We work with any brand of equipment. You simply let us know what you’re wanting to use, and we will design accordingly.

Quick Turnaround

We provide you with a design report within 3 days of ordering.

End Customers Win!

Your customers demand great WiFi and your goal is to differentaiate yourself from other integrators.

WiFi Heatmaps

Providing preliminary WiFi heat maps can provide you a competitive advantage as compared to guessing quantities

Your Look & Feel

Template responses that include Heat Map, Terms and Conditions, Cavetsand even company specific content is added to save you time.

image of a Liveport technician using a wifi spectrum analyser for wifi site surveys



First, we gather Blueprints/CAD drawings of your building and put it into our software to begin planning. Having this allows us to completely customise a solution for your property.

When ordering, you will be able to provide information such as equipment makes/models, and network requirements.

Using the latest professional planning equipment, we design the most accurate representation of what your WLAN network will look like.

Our tools allow us to design and maintain Wi-Fi networks for high capacity, VoIP, video streaming, or RTLS.

After the design is complete, we provide a detailed report that is completely white-labelled and customisable.

The report will provide heat maps of the property, as well as detailed information for the configuration of the access points.

Report Example
example of a white label wifi site survey report for network and wireless site survey companies


In this example, we have provided a predictive survey that is not only used for the design
but can be used as a tool to properly sell your wireless solution to the buyer.

example of a heatmap report for wifi site surveys in Australia