And what we’re about

To Educate

our customers about WiFi and provide solutions that simplify their life and business.

To Become

Australia’s leader in providing world-class high-quality wireless solutions.
While giving expert advice and making sure we go over and above for customers.


Integrity – Loyalty – Authenticity – Passion – Trustworthy – Transparent

Excellence – Professionalism – Quality – Knowledge



We also have a great team of support technicians based in Australia who you can speak with any anytime, 24/7.


We’ve been working hard to earn the privilege of doing business with our clients year after year. You can rely on our decades of combined high-tech and customer service experience, and rest assured that we’re not going anywhere.

Liveport Australia is based on the Great Ocean Road, Torquay, Victoria.

We started Liveport because we saw how wireless Internet providers were completely overlooking quality and control to make a quick sale and not looking at building a tailored network built specific to the business’ needs.

To meet the customer needs, we take a scientific approach to designing a wireless network. This includes taking special consideration for items like; WiFi Phones, Tracking analytics, Priority for Critical wireless clients, and High-Capacity rooms.

We use all of the latest CWNP (Certified Wireless Network Professional) practices with proper Wireless Diagnostics tools like; Ekahau ESS Site survey reports, Ekahau RF spectrum analyzer along with high-quality wireless equipment.

By following these strict guidelines Liveport leaves no room for error.

Liveport networks can be found in Boutique Properties, Branded Hotels and Resorts, Aged Care facilities, Airports, and more!

If you have a property that could have an improved wireless network, contact us today!

Liveport is registered in Australia as Liveport Australia Pty. Ltd. Our office is located in Torquay, Vic and serve hospitality properties throughout Australia and New Zealand.