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Student Accommodation Internet

Experience fast and affordable internet connectivity tailored for student living spaces

In today’s digital age, students rely heavily on fast and dependable internet for everything from academic research and social networking to keeping in contact with family. We offer a broadband service that feels like home and ensures security, privacy, and compatibility with a wide range of devices.

Our customized solutions, crafted with cutting-edge technology, are ideal for areas with high user density, such as dormitories and communal lounges. This ensures constant connectivity for students. Additionally, our advanced managed services operate on the same network, catering to your staff’s and institutional operations’ internet requirements.

Effortless WiFi Setup from Day One

Informing students that WiFi is part of their accommodation package is a great advantage. However, the real highlight is the ability for them to set up their connection even before they step foot on the premises.

Our exclusive ‘effortless start’ feature allows students to easily activate their WiFi. Upon arrival, they just need to enter a provided code to access their personal network. This unique system assigns each individual a virtual router, enabling them to connect both wired and wireless devices to their network, just like at home.

Clear and Adaptable Pricing Structure

Our commitment is to provide top-tier internet speeds by utilizing state-of-the-art technology and gigabit-level infrastructure. However, we equally prioritize offering exceptional value.

Transparency is key in our approach, both in terms of the services we provide and the pricing structure. We offer a variety of versatile plans, allowing you the choice to include connectivity costs in your accommodation pricing or to engage in a mutually beneficial revenue-sharing model that enhances your financial returns.

Furthermore, our flexible, on-demand option ensures you pay only for the rooms that are occupied. This approach gives you greater control over your expenses, aligning costs closely with actual usage.

Enhanced Security Measures

We pride ourselves on our adherence to stringent security protocols, as evidenced by our Cyber Essentials Plus certification. Our commitment to security extends to every aspect of our service, ensuring the safety and protection of our customers and users. All our network services not only meet but often exceed standard security requirements.

Our reputation for providing secure internet services is solidified by over 15 years of experience. We have been entrusted to cater to their critical operational internet needs and also to provide safe, reliable connectivity for their personnel’s private residential use on military bases.

Enhanced In-Residence Connectivity

Liveport’s broadband service is designed to offer students a seamless “home-like” internet experience. As soon as they’re connected, students gain access to a private network that supports roaming throughout your facility, mirroring the freedom and convenience they would enjoy at home. This eliminates the need to rely on public, unsecured networks.

Our network is not only segregated and secure but also incredibly user-friendly. Students can effortlessly connect a multitude of devices, ranging from standard laptops and smartphones to IoT and Smart devices such as Alexa and Chromecast, ensuring a comprehensive and secure digital living space.


AP Lineup

With a Plug-n-play solution that looks sleek and classy, its effortless to setup and give you full control with lots of features. Lockable enclosures make the units safe and tamper-proof giving you one less thing to worry about.


Students have the ability to choose the speeds they want themselves. They can upgrade to a faster package or downsize. Everything is automatic and in their control.

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24GB ↓

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