Liveport welcomes the brand new Alcyone Hotel to the family.

An exciting brand new hotel in the heart of Brisbane.

By being flexible, Liveport was able to install a Wireless Network to operate over the existing GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Networks) network. This flexibility allowed us to work in with Opticomm and Sentrian, to provide the Alcyone Hotel with a fibre line to every room allowing for fast, frictionless wireless.

Being at the forefront of network installations, Liveport along with Opticomm and Sentrian, will be proving an infrastructure that is future-proofing the building for many years to come.

With years of experience and industry qualifications, Liveport is dedicated to future-proofing wireless networks. Be it a 10 room hotel, a 50 story apartment complex, or and Airport, Liveport doesn’t cut corners and makes sure that wireless networks are done right.

If your interested in speaking to someone about your property, please call us on 1800 830 302.