IT departments are brilliant. They are the leaders and “go-to” people who keep your business running smooth on a day to day basis. They monitor your server, keep your software up-to-date and become the “techies” that you look to when there is an issue because they are the experts for your business. They can do anything and everything right? Not exactly…


Even though IT departments are EXTREMELY necessary, they, like everything else, have their limits. As consumer technology advances faster than ever before, IT department have more demands on their time. For this exact reason, it’s time to bring in a “specialist”. Just as your doctor would refer you to a specialist for surgery, your IT department should do the same when it comes to WiFi.  As your current IT department is certainly necessary to keep you afloat with day to day situations, it’s equally necessary to bring in a “specialist” when there is an out of the ordinary job to be done. For instance, installing a brand new WiFi network for an Aged Care Home, Hotel, Apartment Building or any other multi-building property. You might say “My IT guys know everything and they can just do it for me”. Even though you might not be wrong, you’re not completely correct either. Just like anything, practice makes perfect. Your IT department would have to research, get quotes on equipment, cabling, controllers, etc and in a few weeks you might have a budget prepared. But how do you know this WiFi network will even work? In contrast, you could call, say Liveport, and we could have a Wifi report in your hands within 48 hours of receiving a CAD or DWG architect floor plan of your property, with pricing to match. All of a sudden, a project that could’ve taken weeks, or even months, only to arrive with a solution that might not work properly, has been completed in hours and you have a full report showing exactly how the network will work. This takes care of the designing and installing, but what about the support?


With a new WiFi network come other demands that your staff might not be ready for. Consider this: an elderly person at an Aged Care Home or Hotel buys a new iPad in order to FaceTime his friends and family, but they can’t get connected to the WiFi. First things first, they ask a nurse, but the nurse doesn’t know. So they ask the receptionist, who doesn’t know, so they phone the IT department. Now, maybe the IT department answers or maybe they’re busy making sure your business continues to run properly and don’t have the time to answer such a simple question. They would certainly know the answer, but they have bigger fish on their plate and are busy. Now, you have a nurse and a receptionist, running around the Aged Care Home to try and get this iPad connected to the WiFi. When all it took is one “specialist” to make all this hassle disappear.


At Liveport, we are here to work with your IT department and let them keep your business running on a day to day basis. We specialize in designing, installing and supporting WiFi Networks for Aged Care Homes, Hotels and many other multi-building properties. As the demand for WiFi is growing, IT departments have relied on our Proposal Mapping software and our 24/7/365 Support team to take care of everything WiFi, so together, we can take care of you.

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Jeff R. Owner
With 15 years of experience in the Wireless industry and a focus and passion in the hospitality space. Jeff Rhode has run his own team that creates and manages enterprise grade wireless networks. With properties that are as small as 10 room hotels to 5000 room resorts.