Boutique hotel adopts advanced casting technology to address demands for streamed content access while ensuring fast online experiences for guest devices.

Liveport, a leading provider of internet services and IoT-based technology, has announced the recent implementation of the BeyondTV streaming platform, along with an upgrade of Wi-Fi network capabilities at Yara Valley Lodge. Situated near the Australian city of Melbourne, Yara Valley Lodge serves as a luxury hotel destination complete with an onsite golf course. With the new solution in place, the property can now ensure its ability to consistently meet guest expectations for a seamless online and personalised entertainment experience.

Previously equipped with video-on-demand (VOD) services, Yara Valley Lodge leadership recognised that today’s hotel guests largely prefer to access their own streamed content on guestroom televisions. After reviewing several competing providers, Liveport and BeyondTV were selected due to the company’s reliable service reputation, along with the solution’s status as a leading comprehensive entertainment streaming platform designed specifically for hotel environments. With BeyondTV, the property can provide each guest with the ability to cast personal streamed content from thousands of mobile-based apps without the need to upgrade existing guestroom televisions. While offering user-friendly and intuitive access to streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+ and YouTube, BeyondTV also takes data security concerns into account by sidestepping the need for guests to enter sensitive login details on guestroom televisions.


“Traditional in-room entertainment such as VOD has not only become outdated in the eyes of guests, but is also a significant cost for hotels. Partnering with Liveport and adopting BeyondTV was essential to meeting guest expectations while lowering operational expenses,” said Anthony LoGiusto, General Manager at Yara Valley Lodge. “As a comprehensive in-room platform, BeyondTV even provides us with the opportunity to generate revenue by advertising available offerings on guestroom televisions. Combined with Liveport’s impressive results in upgrading our property’s Wi-Fi service, we are fully confident in our ability to now meet the latest experience personalisation and device connectivity demands.”

With fast, reliable and secure internet access being a top guest priority and essential for many hotel systems, Liveport is also credited with implementing an advanced, yet cost-effective Wi-Fi network upgrade at Yara Valley Lodge. Using Liveport’s industry-leading expertise and access to the latest in network technology, the property can now guarantee high-speed connections throughout all onsite areas while eliminating any Wi-Fi dead zones. Networks deployed by Liveport are further backed-up by 24/7 monitoring and support to ensure that performance and guest satisfaction remains consistently high.


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Liveport is a full solution provider for secure wired and wireless internet services, all supported with 24×7 guest service monitoring and support. Liveport also serves as a qualified reseller and integrator of BeyondTV services which are available throughout the APAC region, with customers ranging from a diverse range of backgrounds including hotels, resorts, student housing, condos, and many other venues. For more information or to schedule a meeting with a Liveport representative, please visit


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Founded in 2003, BeyondTV is a leading solution provider for Guestroom Entertainment Systems and Services all supported with 24/7 monitoring and support. BTV provides equipment and services to casinos, hotels, resorts, military and student housing, timeshares, condos and many other venues. For more information, please visit

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