Data Retention / Meta Data

There has been a lot of talk lately regarding Data Retention or Meta Data and what it means for Public Wireless Vendors like yourself.  This blog post is a short summary of what Meta data is and what it means for you.

We have done some research and have some Australian Government links that you might be interested in reading in your own time.

So let’s jump into this!


What is Data retention and Metadata?

Data retention is the act of continued storage of an organisations data for compliance reasons.  The main purpose of data retention for the Telecommunication industry is to comply with state and federal regulations.

Metadata is the information about the communication (the who, when, where and how) – not the content or substance of a communication (the what).


What does this mean for you the Hotel owner:
Lucky for you, you are not considered to be a part of the Telecommunication industry.  You are considered a “Carriage Service Provider” and as a Carriage service provider you have a special exemption at this time under section 89 of the Telecommunications Act 1997.
“This provision is intended to exempt hotels, motels, hospitals, nursing homes and similar organisations from being included in the carriage service provider definition even though they may, during the normal course of their business, be supplying carriage services to the public.

Further to all of this, we have spoken to the regulator board ACMA regarding this and they have written us a letter stating that entities providing services (e.g. free Wi-Fi) to their customers or members of the public are not required to comply with data retention obligations.


Be comforted!

If you are signed up with Liveport we have the ability to keep guests Metadata in case the laws change around this.




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