1. Give your guest an “at home WiFi experience”.

Your guests should be the number one priority for your WiFi provider.  When guests demand a flawless wifi connection, it means that your wireless provider needs to take those demands seriously. It takes a company who dedicates their existence specialising in Guest WiFi. Guests expect to open up their laptop or phone and connect without hassle.  We call this an “at home experience”.  Your provider should always be thinking about how guests use the hospitality WiFi and ensure they meet those requirements. Your hotel WiFi provider should always be keeping up to date on Hospitality trends and should be giving you helpful advice as to where Hotel WiFi is going.

2. A wireless design for today’s demands

In order to meet the demands of guests, we need to properly plan and design your wireless network.  This means detailed wireless surveys and planning for capacity. When I say Wireless surveys I don’t mean walking around the property pointing and guessing where equipment should go based on “30 years of experience”.  Times have changed and this approach is no longer valid. How thick is the wall between hotel rooms and how will wifi be affected when it tries to penetrate it? Have you been given proof that the design that has been proposed will work?  Once the property has been properly analysed by a professional wireless engineer the values can be used in wireless heat mapping software showing exactly how many wireless access points are needed before you spend a penny. This approach is very accurate and shows the level of sophistication in designing a hotel WiFi network today.

You would never start construction on a building without engineered plans; The same should be said for wireless internet installation.

3. Support, Support, And more Support!

Does your property offer a monitor link allowing you to see exactly how your network is performing at all times?  It definitely should! You should also look for a WiFi provider that offers proactive monitoring and fixes issues before guests complain.  Check to make sure your wireless provider knows when WiFi Equipment goes down and what the process is for fixing it. You should also be looking for a wireless provider that offers toll free 24/7/365 service and support for staff and guests. All of these are crucial for a hospitality wireless providers because your guests demand it!

4. Wireless Equipment has a lifetime

Expect your wireless equipment to have an end date.  Typically we see wireless equipment advance so fast that the equipment you purchased 5 years ago is probably out of date and will not perform the way it used to. Make sure your wireless provider is supplying entreprise grade equipment that will perform under high load and capacity.  You should never use the same wireless equipment that is used in your home, it is simply not built for the same job. Your WiFi provider should be able to offer periodic firmware upgrades to fix bugs or patch security issues.

5. Where do you go from here?

I would start by asking yourself if your current provider is offering all of the above and if not then contact us to see how we can improve your guest satisfaction!

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Jeff R. Owner
With 15 years of experience in the Wireless industry and a focus and passion in the hospitality space. Jeff Rhode has run his own team that creates and manages enterprise grade wireless networks. With properties that are as small as 10 room hotels to 5000 room resorts.