4.5 Star Australian property leverages Liveport’s hotel internet expertise to address latest guest online needs while ensuring seamless operations connectivity.

GEELONG, Australia February 24, 2021 Liveport, a leading provider of internet services and IoT-based technology, has announced the successful implementation of an advanced high-speed Wi-Fi network at the Ritz Hotel Geelong. A full-service property located within south-eastern Australia, Ritz Hotel Geelong is designed to reflect the latest in contemporary design, which is now further bolstered by its ability to fully deliver on modern guest Wi-Fi and online hotel service expectations.

Set to open in early 2021, the new 128 guestroom and apartment property was constructed to cater to Geelong’s rapidly growing tourism industry. Central to construction project goals was the deployment of a high-speed and reliable Wi-Fi network, due to its importance to today’s guests as a priority amenity and to ensure the hotel’s reputation for exceptional service and guest satisfaction. Liveport was selected to oversee the hotel’s network installation as a result of the company’s specialisation in wired and wireless connectivity for hospitality facilities, as well as for its industry-leading reputation for outstanding customer support.

“One of the first encounters that a guest has with a hotel’s services is its Wi-Fi connection so it’s always on the mind of hoteliers to provide exceptional internet quality, especially as more guests rate their satisfaction in reviews based on online experiences,” said Bruce McAleer, General Manager at Ritz Hotel Geelong. “Liveport immediately impressed us with their transparency and responsiveness regarding all project-related communications, along with their ability to stay ahead of any deadlines. Thanks to their deep knowledge of hospitality internet needs, we are also fully confident of being able to provide each guest with fast and reliable online service, as well as ensuring a seamless online connection for any hotel operations requiring connectivity in order to function appropriately.”

In addition to its industry expertise, Liveport also provides hotels with access to the latest Wi-Fi network innovations, including advanced Ruckus access point technology. This ensures that guests will receive high-speed and consistent internet access regardless of the total number of devices connected to the network or whether guests seek to perform bandwidth-intensive actions such as online streaming. The high-end network also seamlessly accommodates online amenities such as in-room televisions, VoIP phones, security cameras, emergency lights and door locks to prevent any disruption to operations.

To ensure continued high-quality performance, Ritz Hotel Geelong’s network is also constantly monitored by Liveport in order to identify and address any suddenly arising issues. The property further benefits from 24/7 Liveport support services which can be immediately contacted to resolve any guest troubleshooting concerns.

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About Liveport | Liveport is a full solution provider for secure wired and wireless internet services, all supported with 24×7 guest service monitoring and support. Liveport also serves as a qualified reseller and integrator of BeyondTV services which are available throughout the APAC region, with customers ranging from a diverse range of backgrounds including hotels, resorts, student housing, condos, and many other venues. For more information or to schedule a meeting with a Liveport representative, please visit

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