The Hotel Home Experience

Imagine a world where you could walk into any hotel in a chain and easily connect to the WiFi, without having to complete long forms or having to jump through hoops to get online. What if you could stream your own movies and content straight to the big screen in your room.

Today, that is exactly how we want WiFi to work. Our latest innovation allows each guest to have their own private WiFi network, which follows them to any of your hotels where MyLiveport is installed, no matter where in the world they are. Our solution also opens up possibilities for guests to securely connect to other hotel devices that were previously unavailable on traditional guest WiFi networks.

After first logon, guests can choose their own personal SSID. Once connected to the in-room WiFi, the Personal Area Network is deployed, providing the guest with the ability to interact with other hotel devices such as the smart TV. Just like at home, guests can now stream their personal content, such as movies, or their holiday snaps, to the biggest screen in the room.

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Jeff R. Owner
With 15 years of experience in the Wireless industry and a focus and passion in the hospitality space. Jeff Rhode has run his own team that creates and manages enterprise grade wireless networks. With properties that are as small as 10 room hotels to 5000 room resorts.