It was a big task for Liveport to complete this project before the student year began, but with almost all of our staff putting in overtime, we managed to install over 900 wireless access points throughout several student accommodation buildings.

If you have ever spent time at a University, you know that students rely heavily on the internet;  It is the life blood of a student. Student’s use it for research, team projects, Skype, gaming, and video streaming, to name a few.  We knew the massive amounts of data that our wireless network would have to transfer, therefore our wireless design had to be meticulously planned before we began deploying the Wireless AP’s in each dorm room.

To prepare for this large scale network, our certified wireless engineers used special wireless planning software. After the design was complete, we started the task of programming all of the wireless AP’s and switches needed for each building. Each piece of equipment had to be programmed, clearly labeled and packaged so that the Installation Tech knew where each AP’s was to be installed.

After the task was completed our wireless engineers spent time walking through the buildings with wireless scanning equipment to create heat maps of the areas that were covered by wifi.  With the heatmaps that were completed we could then fine tune each wireless access point, setting the proper channels and antenna power to make sure we were getting as much throughput as possible.

For Liveport,  this was certainly one of the most satisfactory jobs that we have completed to this day.  Once all of the students started moving into their new dorms, we could see the data starting to transfer.  It was amazing to see almost 16T transferred in the first month and it just kept going up from there!

Our CSR’s have been supporting the students that connect to our wireless network, however, the calls have been minimal, and mostly enquires about how to connect to the network.  Once they are connected, they are on their way to create an incredible future for themselves.

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