A Game-Changer for Hotel Internet: How GAM and G.hn Are Transforming Guest Connectivity using existing Coax cable.

As technology evolves, hotels constantly seek new ways to provide their guests with reliable, high-speed internet connectivity. Historically, this has required extensive ethernet cabling and infrastructure, which can be costly and time-consuming. However, with advancements in networking technology, there are now more cost-effective and less invasive solutions available, such as Liveport’s use of GAM and G.hn.

Liveport is a leading provider of high-speed internet solutions for the hospitality industry. We have developed a unique approach to networking that leverages the existing hotel infrastructure to provide guests with reliable and high-speed internet connectivity. One of the critical components of their solution is the use of GAM and G.hn technology, both of which utilise the existing coaxial network in a building.

GAM (Gigabit Access Multiplexer) is a networking technology that utilizes existing coaxial cable infrastructure to provide seamless and reliable internet connectivity throughout a building. By leveraging the existing infrastructure, Liveport can provide gigabit-speed wireless access points in every room without costly and disruptive cabling. This makes it an ideal solution for hotels that lack Cat5e or Cat6 cables through their hotel.

G.hn (Gigabit Home Networking) is another networking technology that Liveport uses to provide reliable, high-speed internet connectivity throughout a hotel. G.hn utilizes existing power lines, telephone lines, and coaxial cables to transmit data, providing seamless and reliable internet connectivity throughout a building. This technology is particularly well-suited for hotels with multiple facilities or properties. It offers high-speed internet connectivity even over long distances.

By utilising GAM and G.hn technologies, Liveport can provide hotels with a cost-effective, less invasive solution for high-speed internet connectivity. Their solution eliminates the need for noisy trades, making it a less disruptive solution for hotels. Additionally, the ability to provide gigabit speeds in every room ensures that guests can enjoy fast and reliable internet connectivity throughout their stay.
Another significant advantage of Liveport’s solution is its flexibility and scalability. With their solution, hotels can quickly expand their network to accommodate changing demand without additional cabling or infrastructure. This makes it an ideal solution for hotels with fluctuating demand for internet connectivity.

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