How Citadines on Bourke Melbourne improved their Guest Wi-fi

Modern and vibrant 380-room apart’hotel leverages Liveport technology and industry-specific expertise to address growing guest demands for ever faster and reliable online connectivity.

Showing the size of Wifi network we needed to cover the entire building for Guest Wifi

MELBOURNE, Australia  — Liveport, a leading provider of internet services and IoT-based technology, has today announced the successful implementation of Ruckus Wireless AP’s, an extensive Wi-Fi network upgrade at Citadines on Bourke Melbourne. A trendsetting apart-hotel providing travellers with the privacy of their apartment along with the latest in modern amenities, Citadines on Bourke Melbourne can now importantly also cater to demands for fast, responsive and reliable online connectivity, which has become a critical factor in achieving the satisfaction of today’s guests and ensuring their continued loyalty.

While featuring a wide range of enticing amenities, including a fully equipped fitness centre, indoor swimming pool and sauna, the 380-room Citadines on Bourke Melbourne recognized an essential need to update its internet services to the latest standards to meet evolving guest expectations. After considering several competing providers, Liveport was ultimately selected to perform the upgrade thanks to its proven expertise in servicing the specific network needs of hotels, its access to advanced network technology and its ability to offer upgrade services at a cost-effective price. Leveraging decades of Liveport experience, the property significantly eliminated common guest pain points when using a hotel’s Wi-Fi, including spotty signal coverage and slow connections.

The Ruckus Wireless access points offer a range of advanced features, including beamforming, which enables a Wi-Fi signal to be directed towards a specific device, and ChannelFly, which automatically selects the best available Wi-Fi channel to avoid interference to provide optimal performance. These features ensure guests at Citadines on Bourke Melbourne enjoy a seamless and reliable Wi-Fi experience, no matter where they are in the hotel.

“Whether staying for business or leisure, guest standards over hotel Wi-Fi quality continue to increase as more seek out an experience that can seamlessly accommodate anything from streaming personal content to hosting video conferences,” said Kenneth Rogers, Regional General Manager for The Ascott Limited properties in Australia, including Citadines on Bourke Melbourne. “Working with an experienced network provider able to deliver on these expectations fully is now so critical to preserving a property’s reputation that we are thrilled by our decision to partner with Liveport. Not only did the company ensure a smooth and swift installation, but the overall quality of service is exactly what we need to stay one step ahead of ever-evolving guest demands.”Ensuring continuous high levels of guest satisfaction is Liveport’s monitoring of the property’s network performance to identify and address any lapses in service quality instantly. With guests also provided access to 24/7 Liveport support, Citadines on Bourke Melbourne can also effortlessly address virtually any guest troubleshooting issue without requiring the assistance of onsite staff.

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