Are you trying to connect to your “Hotel-Free-Guest-WiFi” and feel that anger/rage building inside you? Are you afraid of turning green and “Hulk Smash”(ing) your device(s)? When connecting to any new WiFi network it’s not uncommon to have issues, particularly if you’re using a new device for the first time. But, if you’re like the rest of us and feel that sudden rage building inside you because the Hotel-Free-Guest-WiFi SIMPLY WON’T WORK!!, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

A recent study by Roomzzz, shows that guests want to be connected within 7-minutes of arriving. As soon as the 8th minute arrives and the 3rd log-in attempt fails guests turn into the Hulk and are now ready to “SMASH”!

Are we surprised? No. At the rate technology changes it’s hard to keep up. If you recently switched from a Samsung to an iPhone, or made a similarly drastic change, you might feel like the icons on the screen are hieroglyphic’s. Not to worry, follow the tips below and you will be connected in a matter of seconds!

Below is 5 simple steps for connecting your iPhone to our Free Guest Wifi Network:

1. Ensure your hotel has WiFi. Guests expect it nowadays, however, there are still a few hotels who haven’t joined us in the 21st century.

2. Make sure the devices WiFi capability is turned ON: This will vary with each device, hotel free guest wifihowever, there are certain similarities between devices regarding the process. You want to find “SETTINGS”, which will probably have an icon that looks like a sprocket. Once you have found (and clicked) the “SETTINGS” icon, look for (and click on) “WiFi” or “WiFi Settings”. Once here, you should see “Enable WiFi” or a toggle button. If there is a toggle button and it’s grey or says “OFF”
then click it with your finger until it shows as “ON” or green.
This will allow you to see the available networks around you.

3. Triple check you’re connecting to the correct network. There might be TWO (or more) networks that show up, however, one will be for employees and one for guests. For example: If you’re at the “Best Western Melbourne”, the hotel-free-guest-WiFi network might be named “BW Melbourne”, while the employee network is named “BW Melbourne Secure”. Guests can either call the front desk or check the room for any information that might be available, such as tent cards with a 24/7/365 support line phone number.

4. Make sure you have the correct password and enter it correctly. Just like in pre-school, when you tried to put the square block into the round hole, it just won’t work! A slipped thumb can put your CAPS-LOCK on causing what seems like an eternity of issues. Passwords are case sensitive and if they are not entered correctly, your attempt will fail. Step back, take a deep breath, make sure you’re all set…. then type in the hotel free guest wifipassword. After 3 tries, if you haven’t been able to hack your way in and you’re thinking of testing the flight capability of your phone, laptop, or tablet out the window, try calling the front desk or the 24/7/365 support number your hotel has.

5. Once you are connected check for terms and conditions page. Some hotels will make you “Agree” to a long list of terms and conditions that no one ever reads. However, they are covering their own backsides in case of any wrong doing. This is completely normal and you will see the page when you open a browser such as Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer or Firefox.hotel free guest wifi

Assuming the hotel has Free-Guest-WiFi for you to use, it’s possible that the system might be down, strained, or being updated which will cause issues. If you have tried the 5 steps above and still have no success, then it’s worth a phone call or visit to the front desk.

Jared Seminoff
Jared Seminoff
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With 15 years of experience in the Wireless industry and a focus and passion in the hospitality space. Jeff Rhode has run his own team that creates and manages enterprise grade wireless networks. With properties that are as small as 10 room hotels to 5000 room resorts.