WiFi is the most requested amenity by hotel guests


94% of guests say WiFi is important when booking

And yet, WiFi is still the top issue of guest complaints

Hassle-Free, cloud managed WiFi

Using either on-site controllers, or cloud based controllers, we can manage every aspect of your network in real time, 24/7. Having these tools means your network will be running at its best, all the time! It also means you can observe what’s happening on your guest wireless network in real time from anywhere using our web portal or smartphone apps for iOS and Android.

Chain-wide Authentication

The Hotel Home Experience

Imagine a world where you could walk into any hotel in a chain and easily connect to the WiFi, without having to complete long forms or having to jump through hoops to get online.

Today, that is exactly how we want WiFi to work.

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Easy Log On

Using Email, or social media to logon as a guest is a hassle free way to access Wi-fi. Gain practical insights about your customers by collecting key demographic data as they use the wifi service. See repeat and new visitors, detailed demographic information, capture guest’s email addresses, device data, and view vital network and performance reports.

24/7 dedicated technical support

Your guests want a WiFi connection, and they want it now. So when they have technical issues, we’re here to help any time, day or night. With Liveport, you’ll always get 24/7 live, guest support from real Liveport employees based in Australia, and Canada.

We measure hold times in mere seconds, not minutes or hours. Once you’re a Liveport customer, we’ll provide a toll-free number for guests or staff to call for technical support, network assistance and status checks.

We’re always available.

PMS Integration

Integrate Liveport Wi-Fi with your front desk Property Management System. Generate additional revenue by charging users for all access, or giving away a certain amount of access for free and charging for premium speeds or more connected devices. Liveport’s PMS Link is custom designed for 41 of the most popular property management systems in the world so hotel guests can charge fees straight to their guest room folios.

WiFi where you need it

Concrete, brick and steel: no problem. Liveport is flexible and powerful enough to go where others can’t. We’re ideal for hotels and resorts of all sizes, especially where other hospitality WiFi systems have failed. Using secure, lightning-fast and cost-efficient mesh-node technology, we extend your hotel’s Internet connection to allow guests to connect throughout your property.

You’ll always get 100% coverage with fast, strong signals in every room. We guarantee it!



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