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The Hotel Home Experience

Imagine a world where you could walk into any hotel in a chain and easily connect to the WiFi, without having to complete long forms or having to jump through hoops to get online.

Today, that is exactly how we want WiFi to work.

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While most traditional hospitality wireless Internet providers use expensive and complicated servers, data centers and high-cost IT workers, Liveport takes a different approach: reliable, secure and affordable cloud-managed WiFi.


Gain practical insights about your customers by collecting key demographic data as they use the wifi service. See repeat and new visitors, detailed demographic information, capture guest’s email addresses, device data, and view vital network and performance reports.


No matter if you want to offer free wifi or apply a charge, or if you wish to offer a free service with premium upgrades, you have complete control. Packages can be set up with just a few clicks in the My Liveport admin portal where you can also see financial reports of how much revenue has been generated. My Liveport can be integrated with leading pms platforms to allow options for billing to the room.


Content such as video, banners surveys, and pop-up menus can be injected into the guests browser promoting hotel services or third party advertising.

Engaging with your guests when they on premises will help to boost satisfaction as you connect them to offers, promotions and additional services, and is a proven way of generating additional revenue. Our injection jets allow you to insert content into the user’s browser as they surf the internet. Jets can be used to insert surveys, videos, banners, and links to your products and services or app downloads.

All of the user data collected at login can be exported into a csv or via our api for use in your email marketing platform for ongoing customer engagement.

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