Staff helping guest with hotel Wifi


WiFi is the most requested amenity by hotel guests


94% of guests say WiFi is important when booking

And yet, WiFi is still the top issue of guest complaints

Hassle Free, Guest Wifi

Liveport manages every aspect of your hotel internet services in real time, 24/7. Having these tools means your hotel wifi solution will be running at its best, all the time! It also means you can observe what’s happening on your guest wireless network in real time from anywhere using our web portal. Here are just some of the things we can offer;

  • Billing
  • Content Filtering
  • Monitoring
  • Authorization and Usage Tracking
  • SSL Certificates for Encrypting Information
  • Authentication
  • Revenue Reporting
  • User Statistics
  • PMS integration (RMS,OPERA,FIAS,HTNG)
  • Bandwidth Throttling & Traffic Shaping

The Liveport Access Gateway

The first thing most people do when they arrive somewhere is check for Wi-Fi. Take advantage of this touchpoint and welcome your guests with a beautifully branded portal. Easy-to-use templates allow staff to create compelling portals in local languages.

Showing the size of Wifi network we needed to cover the entire building for Guest Wifi
  • Options available if you lack Ethernet infrastructure.

Leverage your Existing Coax Infrastructure for Gigabit speeds

To stay competitive, hotels must cater to their guests’ needs. However, rewiring for better internet can be expensive and disruptive. Fortunately, the Liveport Access Multiplexer (GAM) provides a unique solution by delivering Gigabit bandwidth over existing coaxial cabling infrastructure.

Happy Computer Girl
  • Internet

Great value internet

Partnered with one of Australia’s largest providers, we supply reliable fast internet connections at competitive prices.

  • Support

24/7 Technical Support

We measure hold-times in mere seconds, not minutes or hours. Once you’re a Liveport customer, we’ll provide a toll-free number for guests or staff to call for technical support, network assistance and status checks.

  • Casting Solution


The Hotel Casting solution will boost guest convenience and in-room entertainment satisfaction.

The platform caters to this need by allowing users to directly cast content from thousands of Apps. Leveraging a guest room’s existing Wi-Fi connection, guests equipped with an iPhone®, iPad®, Android phone and tablet, Mac® and Windows® laptop can effortlessly and instantly make use of a larger screen.

  • All on one

Easy Billing

Support, License’s, and internet fees means that Liveport can provide you with a complete solution! You only have to deal with one invoice each month! With annual or monthly payment plans, it just keeps getting better.

Hotel Digital Signage
  • Digital Signage

Hotel Cloud Managed Signage

Liveport’s Hotel digital signage is a specially designed all-in-one digital signage software for hotels, convention hotels, luxury hotels, suite hotels, extended stay hotels, airport hotels and resort hotels. Use Liveport digital signage for hotels to share guest-centric information, spotlight promotions, feature daily events and more!