The Most Advanced In-Room TV Hospitality Entertainment System Available!

Your Hotel guests are wanting an At-Home entertainment experience in their guest rooms.

Watch the video below to get a sample of the new BeyondTV enhanced features.

The BeyondTV in-room entertainment solution

is the first product of its kind to incorporate app Streaming, Casting, Voice TV controls, and hotel amenity access in one system resulting in enhanced guest satisfaction by bringing an at home experience to the hotel guestroom. With BeyondTV, guests can now watch what they want when they want through their favorite applications like Netflix ®, HBO Go®, Showtime®, Hulu®, YouTube®, Spotify®, Pandora®, NBC Sports®, ESPN®, etc. Additionally, guests have complete access to hotel services and amenities, such as in-room dining, housekeeping, hotel services, Hollywood movie library, ability to view their bill, web access and more.

The BeyondTV Dashboard

provides your property with the unmatched ability to maintain direct control over every aspect of your guestroom entertainment system.  With the BeyondTV Dashboard, properties can customize their guestroom entertainment screen as they desire.  And with the ability to create tailored reports, the BeyondTV Guestroom Entertainment Dashboard can provide instant insight into vital data including revenue summaries, usages, and health statistics on the network such as:

  • Number of Devices online/offline
  • All Usages Daily, Weekly, Monthly and by Custom Date
  • Applications Used Daily, Weekly, Monthly and by Custom Date
  • Breakdown of Movies Purchased
  • Revenue Reports
  • Breakdown of Applications Used
  • Breakdown of Property Services Viewed
  • Breakdown of free-to-guest Channels viewed

Whether managing a single property or an array of properties, the BeyondTV Guestroom Entertainment Dashboard allows for effortlessly switching between locations in order to view the status of each property with a simple click of a mouse.


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