About Jeff R.

With 15 years of experience in the Wireless industry and a focus and passion in the hospitality space. Jeff Rhode has run his own team that creates and manages enterprise grade wireless networks. With properties that are as small as 10 room hotels to 5000 room resorts.

Point to Point WiFi – Succeed Where Wires Fail

Dive into the world of Point to Point (P2P) WiFi access points with our enlightening blog post, where we explore the transformative benefits and practical considerations of this technology. From enhancing connectivity between remote locations to significantly improving internet speed and reliability, point to point WiFi is revolutionising wireless communication for businesses [...]

Offshore Internet Access with LEO Satellite Solutions

Revolutionising Offshore Internet Access with LEO Satellite Solutions The advent of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite technology has significantly enhanced the internet experience for cruise ships and offshore workers worldwide, ushering in a new era of connectivity that rivals onshore services. This advancement has not only boosted performance with higher bandwidths and reduced latency [...]

Revolutionising Internet Connectivity in Build-to-rent (BTR) sector with Liveport

In typical Build-to-rent apartment scenarios, each unit comes with its own ISP account, and tenants must set up and pay for their own ISP connection directly with the ISP. This is a missed opportunity for developers and property owners to profit from this business portion. Tenant ​Deployment Hassles: New tenants face delays in getting [...]

Gigabit speeds using Coax to each guest room.

A Game-Changer for Hotel Internet: How GAM and G.hn Are Transforming Guest Connectivity using existing Coax cable. As technology evolves, hotels constantly seek new ways to provide their guests with reliable, high-speed internet connectivity. Historically, this has required extensive ethernet cabling and infrastructure, which can be costly and [...]

Sunshine Coast Hotel updates their Guest Wifi and Entertainment solution

Mercure Sunshine Coast Kawana Waters used Liveport, a leading provider of internet services and IoT-based technology, and recently installed a high-speed internet network, solidifying its reputation as a modern and technologically advanced hotel that caters to guest priorities for seamless and hassle-free online access. With Ruckus Wireless equipment, guests can enjoy uninterrupted high-speed Wi-Fi [...]

Somerset on the Pier Partners With Liveport to Deploy Advanced Guest Wi-Fi Network Connectivity

Somerset on the Pier Deploy's Advanced Guest Wi-Fi Network Connectivity Award-winning 4.5-star property ensures heightened guest satisfaction and operational efficiency with fast and reliable internet access for personal devices. Partnered with Liveport and Ruckus Wireless. MELBOURNE, Australia  — Liveport, a leading provider of internet services and IoT-based technology, [...]

Star Entertainment Group | Gold Coast Convention Centre Gateway managed by Liveport

Liveport recently completed an installation with the Gold Coast Convention Centre, providing our Fusion Gateway to manage all guest WiFi customers for each show. We are excited to announce that Liveport has recently completed an Fusion installation at the Gold Coast Convention Centre, one of the largest and most versatile venues [...]

Citadines on Bourke Melbourne Partners with Liveport/Ruckus

How Citadines on Bourke Melbourne improved their Guest Wi-fi Modern and vibrant 380-room apart’hotel leverages Liveport technology and industry-specific expertise to address growing guest demands for ever faster and reliable online connectivity. MELBOURNE, Australia  — Liveport, a leading provider of internet services and IoT-based technology, has today announced [...]

Hotel Wifi Installation Adelaide – Grand Opening of La Loft Hotel

A Celebration of Luxury and Style. Liveport is proud to announce the grand opening of the brand-new La Loft Hotel. This luxurious and modern hotel promises to offer its guests a unique and memorable stay. The hotel is located in the heart of Adelaide’s tech hub, offering easy access to Flinders University and  [...]

Liveport is your Ruckus/Commscope Elite Partner

Liveport has partnered with CommScope's Ruckus as it is more important than ever to deliver the best network possible. As technology advances in our homes, it's crucial to ensure that businesses provide their guests with the same quality wireless connectivity. With Ruckus' CommScope technology, you can enjoy an integrated suite of application-specific services [...]

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