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Liveport explors every nook and cranny of your site with high-end spectrum analyzing equipment to deliver highly detailed heatmaps and more.

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With Liveport, you’ll always get toll free 24/7 guest support. We know the ins and outs of WiFi and 99% of the tech that connects to it, so free your staff and let our team assist your clients.

wifi site survey Australia technician

Liveport Australia, Keeping Thousands of Businesses & Their Customers Connected Every Day

Wireless and wired internet networks form the backbone of any successful business. Your business should never have to settle for anything less than a high-speed and high-performance online experience.

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Why choose Liveport?

Trusted by Businesses: Proven track record of delivering exceptional internet services.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Stay ahead with our state-of-the-art network infrastructure.

Unmatched Customer Support: Our dedicated team is here to ensure your connectivity is always smooth.

Hotels Australia Wide

Whether for a new construction or retrofit upgrade, Liveport has the network expertise and hardware quality that your business needs:

  • Access to state-of-the-art network technology approved by the world’s leading brands.
  • Advanced firewall and content filtering capabilities that keep your business and guests safe.
  • Seamless integration with the industry’s most widely used PMS platforms.
  • Effortless compatibility with VoIP phones, door locks, energy management systems, smart technologies such as thermostats or lighting and much more.
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Hospital WiFi Site Survey

  • Enhanced Wi-Fi Performance: Liveport’s Wi-Fi Site Surveys focus on improving hospital Wi-Fi networks.
  • Combat Internet Challenges: Specifically designed to address common internet issues in hospitals.
  • Unbiased Professional Analysis: Third-party Wi-Fi experts providing impartial 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi analysis.
  • Comprehensive Wi-Fi Reports: Detailed reports summarising previous solutions and strategies used by the hospital’s IT department.
  • Coordinated Survey Approach: Aligning closely with the hospital IT department to ensure effective survey execution and results.

Commercial WiFi Site Survey

  • Optimal Access Point Placement: Determining the precise number and location of wireless access points needed.
  • Comprehensive Commercial Reports: Detailed insights into your wireless network, whether it’s new or existing.
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What do our clients say about us?

One of the first encounters that a guest has with a hotel’s services is its Wi-Fi connection so it’s always on the mind of hoteliers to provide exceptional internet quality, especially as more guests rate their satisfaction in reviews based on online experiences, Liveport immediately impressed us with their transparency and responsiveness regarding all project-related communications, along with their ability to stay ahead of any deadlines. Thanks to their deep knowledge of hospitality internet needs, we are also fully confident of being able to provide each guest with fast and reliable online service, as well as ensuring a seamless online connection for any hotel operations requiring connectivity in order to function appropriately.

Bruce McAleer, General Manager at Ritz Hotel Geelong.

Having a stable network backed by ample and broad coverage in all areas of the hospital enabled the successful rollout,”
said Alan Napier, project director of the Royal Melbourne Hospital. “If the rollout had not been successful, the organisation
would have likely spent approximately $50,000+ per month on labour costs.

Alan Napier, Project director of the Royal Melbourne Hospital

After researching a range of other potential platforms, BeyondTV was simply the best solution for our hotel and guests as it offers both superior and intuitive features with lower monthly costs, as a new system, we were prepared for any potential troubleshooting issues that could arise, but to our amazement, we only experienced one report of flat batteries in a remote, which really serves as a testament to the ease-of-use that BeyondTV provides. The installation process was also quick and seamless, and along with a second-to-none customer service experience, we are fully confident in our ability to cater to the latest in-room guest needs.

Adam Rabjohns, General Manager at Best Western Goulburn.

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